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Willamette Valley Christian School is governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors elected and re-appointed on an annual basis. The membership includes parents of currently attending students and members-at-large. This assures an objective board attune to current agenda and the on-going concerns of Christian schooling.


The regular board meetings, every third Monday of the month, are open meetings. Parents of attending students are welcome to attend. Copies of current board minutes and financial reports are available for review in the school office. Executive board meetings are limited to board members and administration only. All agenda items are pre-approved by the board chairman before the actual meetings. Please contact the administrator with items of concern, before contacting the board chairman.


Board member applications are accepted and reviewed by the board. Please contact a school board member or the school administrator if you have a serious interest in serving on the board.


The Board is currently composed of the following members:

Dan Sullenger ~ Chair          
Brett Pemble ~ Vice Chair          
Aaron Hunter ~ Treasurer

Janiece Gwynn ~ Secretary  

Doug Higgins ~ Director 

Destinee Schuster ~ Director 

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