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Investing in your child's education

Kinder - Grade 5 $6,765

Grades 6-8 $7,465

Grades 9-12 $7,855


*Monthly payment plans available

or pay in full to take receive 5% discount


                           (8:15-11:15 / 8:00-3:00)
2 Days a week $184/$253*

3 Days a week $230/$348*

4 days a week $271/$429*

5 days a week $295/$513*

*Based on monthly billing Sept-June

Registration fee
   K-12th  $200 per family
 ($100 discount if paid by May 1st)
   Preschool only $75

Comprehensive fee 
   K-12th $340 per student 
 (Consumables & yearbook included)
    Preschool only $50

*The Registration and Comprehensive fee must be paid in the office by September 1st. If unpaid, it will be automatically rolled into your FACTS payment plan.




  • Registration fee only $100 if paid by 5/1/2024


  • 5% Early Pay:  Available if balance paid in full with cash or check by Aug. 31


  • Multi-student: $1000 discount for 2nd student, $1250 for 3rd student, $1500 for 4th student.

  • Ministerial:  $2250 discount. Applies to students who parents are working in full time ministry, such as pastors or missionaries.

All discounts apply to K-12th grade only.

Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount

with the exception of the 5% Early Pay discount.



  • Is based on the need for a helping hand in times of financial emergency.

  • It is designed to discourage an on-going dependency upon the school for an assumed entitlement.

  • It applies only to tuition and may not exceed 50% of tuition payments annually.



  1. Create an account and complete a New Student Application (if not currently enrolled).
  2. Be sure to fill out ALL information.  Incomplete applications may cause a delay in processing.
  3. Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of explanation to the office along with the application.
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