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"What I love most about sports at WVCS is that throughout the season we come closer together, making memories while growing as an athlete."

                       - Rebekah P.

"I love that our coaches strive to make us better both on and off the court."

                       - Emily D.

"I really appreciate seeing my classmates and families coming together to watch and support the teams."

                  - Luke B.

"This is my first year here at WVCS and I was apprehensive about playing basketball, never really having played before. I ended up having a lot of fun with both basketball and volleyball and am so glad I joined!"

                 - Kathryn B.


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MS Girls Volleyball

HS Girls Volleyball

HS Cross Country

HS Boys Soccer

MS Co-Ed Soccer


MS Girls Basketball

MS Boys Basketball

HS Girls Basketball

HS Boys Basketball


MS Girls & Boys Track

HS Girls & Boys Track

2014 - 2015 OSAA Class 1A Sportsmanship Award Winner!

WVCS HS Girls Basketball

2018 Highlights

2017 - 2018 CIL Sportsmanship Award Winner

8th Grade Boys Basketball

WVCS MS Boys Basketball

2018 Highlights

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